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When hiring the middle-aged and elderly persons, the employers should endeavor to protect their rights and interests under the labor insurance and pension

Taiwan is facing the crisis of declining birth rate and aging population. More and more industries are suffering from worker shortage. To address this issue, the government has spent great efforts promoting the labor participation by middle-aged and elderly persons. The purpose is to expedite social and economic development through the inheritance of experience and cross-generation cooperation. On returning to the labor market, the middle-aged or elderly workers should still pay attention to their rights and interests under the social insurance and labor pension, so as to ensure the occupational security during the reemployment period.

The Bureau of Labor Insurance (BLI) explained that the employers should pay attention to the following protective measures when hiring middle-aged or elderly workers.

Workers who are under 65 and have not yet claimed labor insurance old-age benefits should be covered by the labor insurance (including ordinary insurance and occupational accident insurance) and employment insurance. The employers should apply for the respective coverage on their behalf in accordance with relevant regulations.

Workers who have attained 65 but not yet claimed labor insurance old-age benefits may continue participating in the labor insurance if they remain working. However, they shall not be eligible for employment insurance.

If an insured person has already claimed for labor Insurance old-age benefits or has attained the age of 65 and received pension payment from other social insurance, the employer may apply on his/her behalf for enrollment in the occupational accident insurance of labor insurance.

Once a middle-aged or elderly person is reemployed, the employer should allocate labor pension fund for the employee as long as he/she is applicable to the Labor Standards Act and regardless whether he/she has already claimed for the labor Insurance old-age benefits or labor pension payment.

The film "Intern" has brought to its audience a touching and inspiring story. The middle-aged and elderly workers, likewise, will add great value to the industries by contributing their profound social experience and well-developed skills. The BLI reminded the employers that, when hiring middle-aged and elderly workers, they should pay attention to and diligently protect the rights and interests thereof under the labor insurance and labor pension, thereby fulfilling the obligations as an employer and creating a win-win value.
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Last Update:2020-10-14