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Business entities which are not subject to mandatory participation in the labor insurance program are still required to enroll their employees in the employment insurance

Factories, companies/firms, journalistic, cultural, non-profit organizations or cooperative enterprises with more than five employees are mandatory insured units under the Labor Insurance Act and Employment Insurance Act and are required to enroll their employees in the labor insurance and employment insurance. Although other business entities such as cram schools, clinics and apartment management committees that are not mandatorily required to participate in labor insurance should still enroll their employees in the employment insurance according to the regulations.

The BLI explains that employment insurance played a role in the social insurance system. In addition to providing the basic protection for the livelihood of the insured during a specific period of unemployment and parental leave, it also helped the unemployed workers expedite their job-finding process. According to the Employment Insurance Act, any registered business units with more than one employee are mandatorily required to enroll their employees in the employment insurance on their first day of employment. Therefore, business entities that are not compulsorily required to participate in the labor insurance and have not voluntarily participated therein are still required to join the employment insurance as insured units and should complete the employment insurance enrollment procedure for their employees as required. If the employers violate the regulations, they shall be fined and compensate the employees for the loss thus incurred.

The BLI reminded the public that the labor insurance and employment insurance offered different coverage for the insured respectively. To safeguard the rights and interests of the employees, all business entities that meet the criteria for mandatory participation should enroll their employees as required. For the insured units that are covered by employment insurance only, they might apply to the BLI to transfer to the insured units of both insurances so that their employees could receive more comprehensive protection.
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Last Update:2021-10-19