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Business Topic

Legislative Purpose and Scope of Application

Legislative Purpose

In view of the changes in social labor trends, the increase in the atypical labor population and the gig economy, and natural person employers often employ provisional or part-time workers for work, in order to protect the work-life safety of such workers, a special enrollment system is designed for the workers of natural person employers, those who actually engage in work and child labor who provide labor services. They can apply for labor occupational accident insurance through a simple insurance application channel, so that they can ensure basic living standards in the event of an occupational accident at work.

Scope of Application

Applicable to

The special enrollment coverage covers the following:

  1. Provisional workers employed by natural person employers. (e.g., Day workers hired by foremen)
  2. The aforementioned natural person employer who actually engages in work. (e.g., Foreman)
  3. Persons who actually engage in works and receive remuneration. (e.g., Online platform delivery persons and buskers, etc.)
  4. The persons who provide labor services under Paragraph 4 of Article 45 of the Labor Standards Act. (Child labors who provides labor services, such as child actors for advertisements)

Insurance Applicant

In accordance with the provisions of Article 10 of the Labor Occupational Accident Insurance and Protection Act, employees or persons actually engage in works other than those specified in Articles 6 to 9 may apply for the insurance via their employers or by themselves. In addition, those who are applicable to Paragraph 4 Article 45 of the Labor Standards Act may apply for insurance via the person(s) receiving labor services. Summary as below:

  Identity 1 Identity 2 Identity 3
Insured Persons Natural people employers and their employees Persons actually engaged in work Child labors providing labor services
Insurance Applicant Natural person employers The workers themselves Persons receiving labor services
(Such as advertising agency)
Last Update:2022-09-14