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Labors Insurance and Employment Insurance Premium Payment

  1. The insured unit should pay the premiums of that month before the end of the following month.  In case an insured unit has not paid the premiums due before the due date, they may be paid within a fifteen-day grace period.
  2. In case the labor insurance premiums remain unpaid to the insurer within the grace period, an additional overdue penalty at the rate of 0.1% shall be paid for each day beginning from the expiration of the grace period to one day before the premiums are paid in full, provided that the overdue penalty shall not be more than 20% the amount of the premiums.
  3. If the insured unit fails to pay the labor occupational accident insurance premium within the due date, the Bureau will additionally collect a late fee of 0.2% of the insurance premium payable for each overdue day from the day following the expiration of the grace period to the day before the full payment of the insurance premium and such interest can be accumulated to up to 20% of the premium payable. In addition, after the  labor occupational accident insurance premium is charged with a late fee of 20%of the due amount, if the due insurance premium still fails to be fully paid and the circumstances are severe, a fine from NTD20,000 to NTD 100,000 will be imposed.
  4. In case the insured unit has not paid the premiums or penalties owed after the due date, the insurer shall take legal action for the premiums and penalties payable.  The insurer shall suspend benefits payment before the premiums and penalties are paid in full.
  5. After the arrears of  labor occupational accident insurance premiums are transferred for administrative enforcement according to the laws, if the insured unit has no property available for enforcement or its property is insufficient to make full payment, its representative or person in-charge shall be jointly and severally liable for the repayment.
  6. An insured unit or insured person whose benefits payment have been suspended by the Bureau of Labor Insurance due to the premiums or penalties owed in accordance with the regulation, premiums that incurred during the suspension period of benefits payment shall still be calculated.  Collection papers shall be filed by the insured for various payments collectible after the premiums due are paid in full.
Last Update:2022-09-15