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2. When will the insurance coverage become effective for the insured of labor occupational accident insurance and when will it terminate?

In order to ensure that all employees who suffer occupational injuries and diseases can obtain occupational accident benefits, in accordance with the provisions of Article 13 of the Labor Occupational Accident Insurance and Protection Act, the employees who are employed by registered employers, their insurance validity period shall start from the day they arrive at work until the end of the day of resignation.

In other words, even if the employer does not proceed with the procedures for applying for insurance for the employee, such employee may still apply for the occupational accident benefits from the Bureau, but the Bureau will recover the amount of the benefit from the employer, impose a fine of NTD20,000 to 100,000 (which can be imposed continuously until the correction is made) and announce the violation of the insured unit to the public as the reputational penalties.

In addition, members of occupational unions or fishermen’s associations who have participated in vocational training, and those who have voluntarily applied for the insurance (such as employers, household chores workers, caregivers, or home-based childcare givers services employed by employers of natural persons other than those specified in Paragraph 1 of Article 6 of Labor Occupational Accident Insurance and Protection Act, and research assistants employed by the PI of research projects, etc.) shall notify the insurer (the Bureau) on the day of obtaining the membership, arriving at the training, arriving for jobs, withdrawing from the membership, completing (dropping out of) training, and resignation, the commencement and termination of the effectiveness of the insurance coverage shall start from the date of notification. However, if the insured unit does not notify the insurer (the Bureau) on the day when the worker joins the union or association, arrives for training, and arrives at the job, the effectiveness of insurance coverage shall commence from the next day of notification. In addition, if the worker has not withdrawn from the union or association, completed (dropped out of) training, or resigned but the insured unit handles the withdrawal of the insurance, the insurance coverage effect shall be terminated on the day of notification.

Last Update:2022-09-13