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5. How to apply for Survivor Benefits from labor occupational accident insurance if a foreign migrant worker passes away, or the insured's surviving family members do not have household registration in ROC?

  1. If the beneficiary comes to Taiwan in person to apply for it, he/she shall submit a copy of the family member or kinship relationship certificate, the beneficiary’s passport, and a photocopy of the ARC. If there is no ARC, a photocopy of the entry and exit permit shall be submitted (please stamp the photocopy with the seal of the insured unit to prove that it is consistent with the original copy).
  2. If the beneficiary is unable to come to Taiwan to claim payment, he/she may draw up a power of attorney and submit identification documents and proof of kinship to entrust someone to collection and remit the benefits or pension on his/her behalf, or remit such benefits or pension to his/her account abroad.
  3. The power of attorney and supporting documents shall include the original text and the Chinese translation (the English documents of the death certificate and the family relationship certificate that are sufficient for identification need not be attached with the Chinese translation), which shall be sent to the ROC overseas embassies for verification. If the Chinese translation has not been verified, it shall be certified by the court shall or public notary; documents issued by the units located in mainland China, Hong Kong and Macao shall be notarized by the office of notary and verified by the Straits Exchange Foundation or the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Hong Kong or Macao. When filling in the application form, the "Applicant's Name" shall be filled in with the information of the beneficiary, and the "Applicant's Signature" field shall be signed by the entrusted person. If the entrusted person is an insured unit, the seal of the insured unit and its person-in charge shall be affixed.
  4. The surviving family members applying for the survivor pension shall re-submit their identity and relevant supporting documents to the Bureau for verification every year. If the attached identity and related documents are produced in foreign countries, Hong Kong, Macau or mainland China, the Chinese translation shall be included, and the verification procedures shall be performed in accordance with the regulations.
Last Update:2022-09-13