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Long-term Care Service Institutions with Five Employees or More Shall Be Subject to Compulsory Enrollment to Labor insurance

The growing aging population has led to rapid increase in the need of long-term care services for the elderly. Long-term Care Service Institutions (hereinafter referred to as “LTC Institutions”) with five employees or more shall be subject to compulsory enrollment to labor insurance. LTC Institutions with one employee or more shall be subject to compulsory enrollment to employment insurance and labor occupational accident insurance.

The BLI indicates that the labor insurance, employment insurance and labor occupational accident insurance provides insurance benefit protection to an insured person when he/she encounters an accident in work. LTC Institutions should enroll their paid employees on the day when they arrive at work, and terminate the insurance on the day when they separate from the work. If an LTC institution fails to enroll its employee as required and such failure is verified following investigations, the BLI shall impose punishment according to the regulations and announce the reason of violation.

The BLI also calls on the workers to pay more attention to their own rights and interests. They are reminded to check their labor insurance enrollment status proactively. Currently, the BLI provides diversified channels for inquiries. For example, the insured persons may log onto the BLI’s e-service system through citizen digital certificates, virtual labor insurance certificates, the combination of the NHI card number and the ID number of registered household Certificate, or through mobile phone verification. Alternatively, inquiries can be made using the labor protection card through the ATMs of the issuing banks. Telephone and counter services are also available. The insured persons are encouraged to optimize the utilization of these channels.
PreviousFrom January 1, 2023 onward, the Level 1 Insurance Salary for Labor and Labor Occupational Accident Insurance Shall Be Adjusted to NTD26,400.For Workers with an Insurance Salary Less than NTD26,400, Shall Proactively Adjusted on the Same Day. The Labor Insurance Premium Rate Shall Be Adjusted to 12% (including 1% for Employment Insurance). For Persons Insured through Occupational Unions or Fishermen’s Associations, the Premium Rate Shall Be 11% (not including 1% for Employment Insurance). NextWage Arrears Payment Fund Takes Care of the Workers When They Can’t Receive Wages as a Result of Business Suspension
Last Update:2022-11-22