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Workers Who Have Terminated the Labor Contract and Withdrawn from Labor Insurance While Receiving Medical Treatment caused by Occupational Accident May Apply for Continued Participation in Labor Insurance.

If, due to occupational accident, a worker has terminated his/her labor contract with the employer during the period of medical treatment, he/she may apply to continue participating in labor insurance. The application should be filed within 5 years since the date of withdrawal from the insurance while receiving medical treatments resulting from such occupational accident.

Furthermore, to reduce the premium burden of the workers suffering from occupational accidents, first-time applicants for continued insurance coverage shall only pay 20% of the premium for the 2 years starting from the effective date of the insurance. The rest 80% shall be subsidized by the Labor Occupational Accident Insurance Fund. For those with continued insurance of 2 years or more, the premium shall be paid equally by the insured person and the Labor Occupational Accident Insurance Fund, each for 50%. During the period of continued insurance, the worker is still entitled to claim various occupational accident insurance benefits against the same occupational injury/sickness or the resultant diseases. The insured person, in the meantime, is covered by the labor insurance ordinary insurance (not including injury or sickness benefit.) This ensures the uninterrupted accumulation of the insured period. Neither will the occupational accident impact the rights for old-age benefit in future.

The BLI reminds the eligible workers that, to safeguard their rights and interests, they should file their applications as soon as possible for continued insurance during the period of medical treatment resulting from the occupational accident. They may visit the BLI’s website to check the relevant application procedures or download the required documents. The insurance shall become effective on the next day when the application for continued insurance arrived at or mailed to the BLI.
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Last Update:2023-05-19