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The BLI Offers Convenient Online Enrollment/Withdrawal Services for on National Holidays.

For those employees whose employment/separation date falls on consecutive holidays, how should the insured units manage the enrollment and withdrawal procedures for labor insurance, employment insurance and labor occupational accidents insurance? Don't worry! The insured units may, on the first working day following the consecutive holidays, send written applications for enrollment/withdrawal retroactively. In addition, the BLI's e-service system offers three online options to the insured units, enabling them to apply for enrollment or withdrawal of insurance for the employees who report to work or separate during consecutive holidays.

The BLI explained that, according to the regulations, the insured units should complete the enrollment/withdrawal procedures for their employees on the same day they are employed/separated from the work. In case such a day falls on Saturday, Sunday, or national holidays, the insured unit should, on the first working day following the holidays, submit an application form for enrollment/withdrawal of insurance, along with the relevant proof of employment/separation. The enrollment or withdrawal shall take effect on the date of employment/separation of the employee.

To provide more friendly services, the BLI, through its e-service system, offers diversified and flexible options to the insured units:
  1. Application on the same day: Through the BLI's e-service system, the insured units may submit the enrollment/withdrawal applications online. The service is also available on holidays.
  2. Application in advance: The insured units may file the online enrollment/withdrawal applications in advance. Such applications may be filed within 10 days before the scheduled date of employment/separation of the employee.
  3. Application for enrollment/withdrawal retroactively: The insured units may, on the first working day after the holidays, submit online applications for retroactive enrollment/withdrawal for the employee.
The BLI provided an example that, if a new employee is on board on October 1, 2023, which falls on the moon-festival holidays (September 29 - October 1, 2023), the insured unit may submit an online application for his/her enrollment on the same day through the BLI's e-service system. The insured unit may also file an online application within 10 days in advance during the period of September 21 to September 30, 2023. Alternatively, the insured unit may, on the first working day after the holidays (October 2, 2023), submit an online application for retroactive enrollment, taking effect on October 1, 2023. As for those not yet registered as an online insured unit of the e-service system, they may submit the retroactive enrollment applications on the first working day after the holidays (October 2, 2023). They should in the meantime attach the enrollment application forms and the proof of employment.

The BLI expressed that, compared with the conventional applications in writing, the e-service system provides time-saving, convenient, speedy and safe options for enrollment. The round-the-clock service system saves the time, manpower and money of the insured units traveling to and from the BLI or post offices within business hours. It also contributes to environment protection. The BLI sincerely welcomes the insured units to click on the following linkage and enjoy the services as a registered insured unit of the e-service system.
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Last Update:2023-10-24