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1. What is the qualification and benefit standard for claiming Permanent Disability Benefits from labor occupational accident insurance?

  1. Qualification:
    When an insured person suffers occupational injury or disease, if the symptoms are fixed following treatment, further treatment will not improve the result of treatment. The person is diagnosed with permanent disability by a contracted hospital or clinic of national health insurance, meeting the conditions for Permanent Disability Benefits under labor occupational accident insurance. He/she may seek a Lump-sum permanent disability benefits based on his/her average monthly insured salary and the prescribed benefit standards. If the insured person has accrued seniority under labor insurance before the implementation of the labor insurance pension system on 1 January 2009 and meets the conditions for Permanent Disability Pension payment following evaluation, in addition to the permanent disability pension already collected, the insured person may still choose to collect a Lump-sum permanent disability benefits.
  2. Benefit Standard:
    A. Lump-sum permanent disability benefits
    It is calculated using the actual average monthly insured salary for the 6 months prior to the insurance accident happened to the insured person (meaning the date the insured person is diagnosed as permanently disable),  and issued according to the payment days defined in labor occupational accident insurance disability benefit standard. The highest disability level is the first level with the highest lump-sum disability benefits of 1,800 days and the lowest level is the fifteenth level with the lowest lump-sum disability benefits of 45 days.

    B. Permanent Disability Pension
    Depending on the degree of permanent disability of the insured, if it is assessed as being completely disabled, severely disabled or partially disabled, a disability pension will be paid respectively at 70%, 50% or 20% of the average monthly insured salary. When permanent disability pension is collected, any family member who meets one of the following conditions shall also be issued an Extra Dependent Allowances equivalent to 10% of the amount calculated under the second paragraph of the previous paragraph per person. Such additional issuance shall not exceed a maximum of 20%.
Last Update:2022-10-17