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4. If the insured is permanently disabled due to an occupational accident, can he/she apply for both labor insurance old-age pension and labor occupational accident insurance permanent disability pension?

Yes. According to Article 58 of the Labor Occupational Accident Insurance and Protection Act, if the insured person or beneficiary seeks the benefit of the Insurance or other social insurance pension at the same time based on different insured incidents, the amount of the pension under the Insurance shall be reduced in consideration of the number, amount, type of pension that the insured person or beneficiary may collect and other elements of livelihood protections. The reduction ratio of pension under the Insurance in the previous paragraph shall be limited to 50%. Therefore, during the period of claiming labor occupational accident insurance permanent disability pension, the insured that meets the conditions for applying for labor insurance old-age pension may receive both types of pension upon application. However, if the total amount of the occupational accident insurance permanent disability pension and the labor insurance old-age pension he/she applies exceeds the average monthly insured salary calculated by the “Occupational Accident Insurance Permanent Disability Pension”, the Bureau will make a proper deduction from the originally-received “Occupational Accident Insurance Permanent Disability Pension” according to relevant regulations.

Last Update:2022-09-13