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56. How to enroll the employed foreign workers in labor insurance coverage? How to fill the forms for insurance coverage enrollment?

  1. When insured unit employ foreign workers and arrange the insurance coverage enrollment for the foreign workers, except filling the insurance coverage enrollment form, the insured unit should also enclosed the copies of the approval document for working in Taiwan issued by central competent authority or related competent authority with jurisdiction according to Article 19 of the Enforcement Rules of the Labor Insurance Act.
  2. The insured person’s name, national identification card number, date of birth and insured salary fields on the labor insurance coverage enrollment form should be filled completely and correctly with seals of the insured unit and the person in charge of the insured unit:
    (1). Name: Could choose either English name or Chinese name to fill, however, if Chinese name is used, then the Approval letter and the foreign hiring list shall also be marked with Chinese name for cross-check and reference.
    (2). National Identification Number: Passport number or Residency Permit number shall be filled in this field.
    (3). Date of Birth: Use the date of birth on the passport and covert the date to the year number used by the Republic of China.
    (4). Insured Salary: Based on the labor’s total monthly salary and use the grades and numbers in “Table of Grades of Insurance Salary” to fill this field.


Last Update:2022-09-13