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Which offers a better maternity benefit, the National Pension Insurance or the Labor Insurance? The Bureau will proactively notify the insured of the better choice by mail.

Effective from 1 July 2011, the National Pension Insurance has additionally offered maternity benefits. Insured women who give birth during the insured period may claim maternity benefits from the National Pension Program. When administering maternity benefit payments under the National Pension Insurance, the Bureau discovered that some of the claimants were also qualified for maternity benefits of the Labor Insurance system, since they had been covered by Labor Insurance during the period of pregnancy and the childbirth occurred within one year after withdrawing from the Labor Insurance system. To safeguard the interests of the insured, the Bureau has initiated a new service since October 2011. Focusing on the claimants of maternity benefit under the National Pension Insurance, the Bureau shall cross check their labor insurance records. The purpose is to identify the individuals who are simultaneously eligible to the benefit in both systems. The Bureau shall in the meantime calculate the benefit amount under the Labor Insurance system. In case the result shows that the Labor Insurance system is paying a higher maternity benefit, the Bureau shall proactively advise the insured by mail and attach the relevant application forms, so that the insured can claim the maternity benefit from the labor insurance system accordingly. By the end of April 2013, a total of 1,594 people have received this service.

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Last Update:2013-05-27