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At the end of June 2014, anyone who claimed a labor insurance pension benefit in 2009 will receive a new amount of pension which has been adjusted according to the CPI.

Since the accumulated growth rate of Consumer Price Index (hereinafter called “CPI”), 5.2%, has reached the statutory adjustment standard, which is 5%, anyone who claimed a labor insurance pension benefit in 2009 will get a raise in the benefit. On May 16, 2014, the Ministry of Labor announced that as from May 2014, the amount of pension to be paid to anyone who claimed a labor insurance pension benefit in 2009 will be raised by 5.2%. For example, if the original amount is NT$20,000, it will be raised to NT$21,040, which means there is an extra of NT$1,040, and the adjusted amount will be deposited into the account of the insured at the end of June 2014. As for those who claimed labor insurance pension benefits during the years ranging from 2010 to 2013, the amount of pension will not be adjusted in 2014 because the statutory adjustment standard has not been met yet.

The statistics show that up until the end of April 2014, among those who claimed a labor insurance pension benefit in 2009, about 68,900 people still collect their pension, with about 67,600 people receiving the old-age pension, 296 the disability pension, and about 1,000 the survivor pension. On the average, each person may receive about NT$675 more than before per month.

Please be reminded: As the Ministry of Labor has made an announcement about this adjustment, BLI will not send a notification to each individual recipient of labor insurance pension. However, in order to help a recipient to clearly identify the adjustment of his/her pension when he/she checks his/her account by updating his/her passbook, the pension for May 2014 will be paid by means of two deposits at the end of June 2014. At that time, a recipient will find two deposit entries in his/her account when updating his/her passbook. One entry will be the original amount, coupled with the original message in the memo column, that is, “Labor Insurance – Old-Age” for the old-age pension, “Labor Insurance – Disability” for the disability pension and “Labor Insurance – Survivor” for the survivor pension. The other entry will be the amount of the increase resulting from the 5.2% adjustment, coupled with the message, “price adjustment,” in the memo column. However, as from July 2014, the amount after adjustment will be paid by means of one deposit only, with the original message shown in the memo column. If you still have any questions about the adjustment, please visit the BLI’s website at, click the “FAQ” in the homepage and take the following route: FAQ/Labor Insurance & Employment Insurance/Benefits/Labor Insurance Pension.


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Last Update:2014-06-13