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The first grade of insurance salary in the “Table of Grades of Insurance Salary for Labor Insurance” is raised to NT$19,273 and this adjustment takes effect in July 1, 2014. As from this date, if the original insurance salary of any insured person is NT$19,047, it will be automatically raised to NT$19,273 and the insured unit does not need to report on this.

The amended “Table of Grades of Insurance Salary for Labor Insurance” will take effect on July 1, 2014. The first grade of monthly insured salary in the new table is raised to NT$19,273 while the former first grade of NT$19,047 and second grade of NT$19,200 are deleted. The amount of and the range covered by each grade above the grade of NT$20,100 remain the same. The top grade is still NT$43,900. For the trainees at vocational training institutes, child workers, part-time workers, and disabled persons in sheltered employment whose salary or wage is less than the basic wage, a new monthly insured salary grade of NT$19,047 is added. Other grades and the minimum monthly insurance salary remain unchanged.

In accordance with the amended “Table of Grades of Insurance Salary for Labor Insurance,” as from July 1, 2014, BLI will automatically raise the insurance salaries of the following two types of insured persons to NT$19,273: (1) The insured persons whose monthly insured salary in June 2014 pertains to the grade of NT$19,047, with the exception of part-time workers, disabled persons in sheltered employment, trainees at vocational training institutes, and low-income members of an occupational union; (2) All the insured persons whose monthly insured salary in June 2014 pertains to the grade of NT$19,200. The insurance premium will be calculated on the basis of the adjusted amount as from this date.

Detailed information about the persons who are affected by this direct adjustment will be printed in the premium bill for July 2014. Please double-check the information carefully and report any differences from the facts before the deadline for payment. The newly amended “Table of Grades of Insurance Salary for Labor Insurance” may be browsed or downloaded from the website of BLI after July 1,2014.

If there is any insured person whose monthly salary is less than NT$19,273, whose original insurance salary belongs to the grade of NT$20,100, but whose insurance salary may be reported as NT$19,273 after the amendment to the Table of Grades on July 1, 2014, then the insured unit shall report the change of his/her insurance salary from NT$20,100 to NT$19,273 by submitting “the Insurance Salary Adjustment Form” during the period between June 1 and June 30, 2014. The adjustment will take effect as from July 1, 2014.

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Last Update:2014-06-13