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As from July 1, 2014, please report the monthly contribution wages of your employees according to the newly amended “Table of Monthly Contribution Wage Classification.”

The basic wage is raised to NT$19,273 as from July 1, 2014, so the “Table of Monthly Contribution Wage Classification” is amended accordingly.

In order to reduce the contributing units’ workload in reporting the adjustment of monthly contribution wage of any employee who made contributions before June 30, 2014, BLI will adjust his/her monthly contribution wage for labor pension directly according to the newly amended classification table. Detailed information about the persons who are affected by this direct adjustment will be printed in the roster included in the labor pension contribution bill for July 2014. Please double-check the information carefully and report any differences from the facts before the deadline for payment.

BLI would like to remind all of the contributing units: As from July 1, 2014, the monthly contribution wage applicable to a full-time worker over 16 years of age shall be NT$19,273, which is based on his/her basic wage. Therefore, as from this date, if any contributing unit reports the monthly contribution wage of such a worker as less than NT$19,273, BLI will directly correct it to NT$19,273 as from the date of contribution or as from the date when the adjustment of contribution wage becomes effective--without further notice.

The newly amended “Table of Monthly Contribution Wage Classification” may be browsed on the website of BLI ( after July 1,2014.

PreviousThe payment standard for maternity benefits under the labor insurance program has been raised from 30 days’ pay to 60 days’, based on the average monthly insured salary. Benefits for multiple births are multiplied by the number of babies born. NextThe first grade of insurance salary in the “Table of Grades of Insurance Salary for Labor Insurance” is raised to NT$19,273 and this adjustment takes effect in July 1, 2014. As from this date, if the original insurance salary of any insured person is NT$19,047, it will be automatically raised to NT$19,273 and the insured unit does not need to report on this.
Last Update:2014-06-13