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Table of Expedient Measures Taken by the BLI in Response to the Gas Explosions in Kaohsiung City



Those who cannot pay their labor insurance and employment insurance premiums or make their monthly labor pension   contributions due to individual circumstances can apply for a deferred payment without being charged a late fee.


When the insured units and persons within the disaster areas (Lingya & Cianjhen Districts) cannot pay their premiums or make labor pension contributions on time, they can apply individually for a 6 month payment deferral without being charged a late fee. BLI may relax the payment deferral measure upon review later on, based on its assessment of the severity of the situation.


The insured units or persons that are affected by the disaster but are not located or do not live within the disaster areas need to provide proofs of being affected. Such documentation can be obtained from the tax collection offices, local city/county governments, township district offices, police/fire departments, and village/  borough offices.

The application processes of the labor insurance benefits and labor pension payments   are simplified to minimize processing time.

The payment applications from the disaster areas (Lingya & Cianjhen Districts) will be processed in a simpler, more lenient and more prompt way.


If the insured units are affected by the disaster and unable to apply on behalf of the insured persons, an insured person can directly apply to BLI without his/her insured unit’s stamp on the application form.


When an insured person or applicant does not have a personal seal, he/she can sign the application papers instead.


For applicants who are not able to provide financial institution account numbers, BLI has agreed to write out checks (or postal money orders) to individuals, and mail them to the applicants. The applicant himself/herself can cash the check (postal money order) at any local branch of the drawee (the bank or post office) by showing his/her ID card.


For those who are unable to obtain their household registration transcript, BLI can access their information by connecting with the Household Registration and Conscription Information System online.


When an insured person is unable to provide other supporting documents, BLI will verify them through computer network; otherwise, the insured person or applicant can also complete the application by writing a letter of guarantee.


When mailing your application, please print “Kaohsiung City Gas Explosions Disaster Application Case” on the envelope.

The BLI local offices   collect disaster information and take the initiative to deliver services to your doorsteps.


The BLI local offices actively keep track of such related information as the casualties, lists of missing persons, and types of insurance involved within the area that each of them is in charge of by communicating with firefighting and rescue units and collecting information from media reports. Then the local offices send their findings back to the head office.


Personnel of the BLI local offices take the initiative to visit and express condolences to the insured persons and their families in their homes and assist them with the payment application processes. Insured persons with individual urgent needs can also contact our Kaohsiung City Local Offices for in-home service.

PreviousKaohsiung City Gas Explosions Victims’ Rights to Claim Related Benefits. NextArticle 22 of the Employment Insurance Act was amended and promulgated by the President on June 4, 2014 through Order No. Hua-Zong-Yi-Yi-Zi-10300085181, and it was enforced as of July 1, 2014 as decided by the Executive Yuan on June 27, 2014 through Order No. Yuan-Tai-Lao-Zi-1030036676.
Last Update:2016-09-07