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14. Is it possible to arrange for an installment plan for unpaid premiums? If the installment plan has been arranged, can the payment of benefits be resumed?

  1. If the insured unit is unable to make a lump sum payment for the unpaid premiums due to financial difficulties, an application for an installment payment plan can be filed with the Bureau of Labor Insurance for arranging installment payments for the premiums payable and any applicable penalties before the Bureau of Labor Insurance transfers the case to the Administrative Enforcement Agency for compulsory enforcement. If the amount owed has been transferred to the Administrative Enforcement Agency, apply to the Agency for arranging an installment payment plan.
  2. After the Insured Unit has issued a bank check to the Bureau of Labor Insurance (BLI) and the payment is cleared, or once the Insured Unit has paid the first installment of the unpaid premiums, the BLI may resume the provision of insurance benefits. If the claim is filed by the responsible person, however, the Bureau of Labor Insurance shall not resume benefit payments until all the outstanding payments for insurance premiums and overdue penalty have been settled. Further, if any of the installment payments is not paid in accordance with the payment schedule, all subsequent payments shall be deemed to have come due, and the Bureau of Labor Insurance shall cease providing insurance benefits and ask the Administrative Enforcement Agency branch to proceed with enforcing collection. 
Last Update:2021-09-08