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1. How to conduct labor insurance enrollment procedure for a newly established unit?

  1. When a newly established unit, except for governmental authority and public school, hiring workers and apply for coverage of labor insurance, it should submit two copies of the front and back pages of the national identification cards of the persons in charge and following related documents issued by related business competent authorities:
    (1) Factories shall submit the factory related registration certificates.
    (2) Minefields shall submit the minefield registration certificates, minefield excavating or prospecting certificates.
    (3) Salt, ranges, pastures, forest and tea plantations shall submit registration certificates or other related documents.
    (4) Transportation entities shall submit transportation permits or other related documents.
    (5) Public utilities shall submit business licenses or other related documents.
    (6) Companies and business entities shall submit company registration certificates or business registration certificates.
    (7) Private schools, news media, cultural entities, public-interest entities, cooperative entities, fisheries, occupational training institutions and civil organizations for various businesses shall submit their accredited or registration certificates.
    (8) Other industries should provide license or related registration, approval or reference certificates.
    (9) Proofs of employment and national ID cards of the employed for hiring domestic workers and nanny; the approval of hiring licenses and Name lists of the employed for hiring foreign domestic workers and caretakers.
  2. If insured units are unable to obtain certificates described in the preceding paragraphs, they should attach the organization or alteration register application for the withholder or the uniform invoice purchase certificate issued by the revenue service organizations when applying for insurance enrollment.
Last Update:2022-09-13