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26. If there is a mistake or error in the insurance coverage enrollment and transfer application forms submitted by the insured unit, how should it correct this?

Except the case of which the name is not filled out will not be accepted, the cases such as (1) missing the seals of the insured unit and the person in charge of the insured unit (2) errors or mistakes in the name, date of birth, national ID number (3) missing the insurance salary shall be corrected and supplemented within 10 days after receiving the written notification from the Bureau of Labor Insurance. If the correction and supplement are done within the time limit, the enrollment and transfer will be effective from the date the forms are submitted; if the errors and mistakes are not corrected within the time limit, the insurance coverage enrollment or transfer will be effective from the date the forms are corrected and supplemented. If the insured unit fails to correct the information in time or does not correct the information even after the deadline for correction and there is a loss suffered by the laborer because of this, the insured unit is responsible for the compensation to the loss of the laborer.

Last Update:2021-09-29