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39. Apparently discontinuing labor insurance for a period nullifies the original insurance seniority, is this true? My labor insurance was discontinued for 2 years, can I repay my insurance premium to continue my labor insurance?

  1. Your insurance seniority will not be nullified if your labor insurance is discontinued
    After the insured person withdraws from labor insurance, the original insurance seniority will be retained. If the insured person works again and participates in labor insurance, regardless of how long the insurance was discontinued, the original seniority will be jointly calculated with the subsequent seniority.
  2. Labor insurance adopts a reporting system, thus you cannot repay your insurance premium to incorporate your "lost" seniority
    Labor insurance follows a reporting system in which insured units shall complete insurance enrollment or withdraw form on the laborer's start date or date of resignation and submit it to the Bureau of Labor Insurance for processing. The insurance enrollment or withdraw is effective starting from the forms are sent or posted to the Bureau (if sent via post, the day the form was posted shall be based on the postmark of the sending post office). When the laborer resigns from the original servicing unit and terminates one's insurance, the Bureau shall calculate the insurance premium for up to the day of insurance withdraw and start calculating premium on the day of insurance enrollment when the laborer starts work again. The original insurance seniority can be jointly considered in calculation. By regulation, the laborer may not participate in labor insurance when the laborer is not working, and therefore may not repay insurance premium to incorporate the "lost" seniority.
Last Update:2022-09-13