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44. An insured person continues to enroll in insurance after being laid off. Thereafter, the insured is hired to a job again and participates in labor insurance with the company. If the insured person is unsure whether one can continue to work within a short period, can the insured person not withdraw from the insurance the person has with the Bureau of Labor Insurance?

If laid-off insured persons continue to participate in insurance and are hired to a job again, their employer insured unit shall enroll them in insurance on the day they arrive at work. Please proceed with withdrawing from the insurance with the Bureau in which you enrolled after being laid off. If the insured person resigns after working for a brief period and is discharged from insurance, the insured person may continue one's insurance within 2 years starting from the day the insured person has been laid off and withdrew from insurance. After the 2 years, the insured person may not enroll in insurance using "being laid off" as the reason.
For example, Person A was laid off on June 30, 2017. Because his insurance seniority is 15 years and he is not qualified for one time old-age benefits, he may apply with the Bureau to continue his insurance using being laid off as the reason. Person A found a new job on August 5, 2017 and the new company enrolled him in labor insurance, then he should apply to terminate the insurance he continued for when he was laid off. In future, if he resigns from the new company and withdraws his insurance, he can still continue his insurance with the Bureau by using his proof of being laid off before June 29, 2019.

Last Update:2022-09-13