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The "2021 Medical Examination for Prevention of Occupational Diseases" is now available.

To prevent the occurrence of occupational diseases to workers in high-risk occupations and settings and to protect the health of the insured persons, the Bureau of Labor Insurance (the BLI) has, as usual, proactively distributed notices in the last third of December,2010 to more than 17,000 insured units, advising them that the annual "Medical Examination for Prevention of Occupational Diseases" is available to the workers involved in the 31 types of high-risk tasks including physical hazards such as noise, ionizing radiation and high temperature; and chemical hazards such as N-hexane, formaldehyde, nickel and dust. Eligible workers who have been consecutively participating in the labor insurance program for one year or more recently may apply to the BLI to take the examination once each year. The BLI shall pay the examination fee.

The BLI indicated that, based on the type of industry, different tests will be offered for the medical examinations, including blood and urine tests, EEG and chest x-ray. The purpose is to help the workers identify any physical abnormalities at an early stage and prevent the occurrence of occupational diseases. With effect from January 1, 2020, workers who used to be exposed to asbestos operations in the past may also proactively apply to the BLI for such annual medical examination, subject to that the insured has been consecutively participating in the labor insurance program for one year or more recently. The application may be filed to the BLI either in writing or personally.

In addition, the BLI reminded the insured units that they should file the applications on behalf of the eligible insured persons. On receiving the certificates for medical examination issued by the BLI, the insured units should forward the certificates to the insured persons, which should be submitted to the approved hospital/clinic before taking the medical examinations. The BLI shall not pay the examination fees if the insured person does not receive a certificate but goes to a hospital for the examination nonetheless.
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Last Update:2021-03-08