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Construction sites have a higher risk of occupational accidents, employers are urged to lawfully enroll their employees to protect their rights and interests

The construction industry, among all industries in Taiwan, has the highest rate of major occupational accidents. The high frequency of work-related injuries and deaths in the industry suggests the imminent need of fundamental protection through social insurance. The BLI calls for attention from the employers in the construction industry that they should enroll their employees in labor insurance and employment insurance on the first day of employment, so as to protect the rights and interests of the workers and avoid penalty.

The labor market of the construction industry is unique because of its multi-layered subcontracting system, which has become a business norm in the industry. The time needed for each construction task is different, leading to the high turnover rate of workers; most of the workers are hired on a temporary or daily basis. Workers for the construction industry, therefore, are usually exposed to higher risks of occupational accidents. If the employer fails to file the insurance application in a timely manner, the workers will not be eligible to the labor insurance benefit payment once an occupational accident occurs. This increases the likelihood of labor disputes.

The BLI reminds all employers engaged in the construction business, whether they are construction companies or small-sized contractors, to faithfully fulfill their legal responsibilities and enroll their employees in labor and employment insurance on the first day of employment. If the employee has already received the labor insurance old-age benefit, or if he/she is over 65 and receiving the old-age benefits under other social insurance programs, the employee shall not participate in the labor insurance or employment insurance. He/she, however, may apply for enrollment in the occupational accident insurance of labor insurance to ensure an integrated protection at work. In the unfortunate event of an occupational accident, the benefit payment received by the worker under the occupational accident insurance of labor insurance may be deducted from the compensation requirement under the Labor Standards Act. This helps to divert the operational risks of the employers and create a win-win situation.

For industries or business entities with high staff turnover, the employers may consider using the BLI's “e-Service System” to administer online enrollment/withdrawal for their employees on the date of employment/resignation, so as to simplify the application procedures for the labor (employment) insurance. Enrollment can also be administered online within ten days before the confirmed date of employment. Rather than visiting the BLI offices in person, employers can now access to timely, convenient and money-saving services of the BLI through the Internet.
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Last Update:2021-04-21