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1. What are the criteria and benefit standard for applying for parental leave allowances?

  1. Criteria:
    An insured person who meets following criteria may apply for parental leave allowances:
    (1) has accumulated at least one year of insurance enrollment;
    (2) has children under three years of age;
    (3) is on parental leave without pay in accordance with the provisions of the Gender Equality In Employment Act.
  2. Benefit standard:
    The amount of parental leave allowances is calculated at 60% of the average insured salary for the previous six months at the time of the insured person’s employment termination and withdrawal from insurance coverage and is payable monthly. The insured will receive up to 6 months of allowances for each child. For less than a month, it will be calculated as one month. (With effect from July 1, 2021, the government shall grant, additionally, a parental leave wage subsidy, which shall be 20% of the average monthly insurance salary. The wage subsidy shall be paid along with the parental leave allowance. It is not necessary to file a separate application.)
Last Update:2019-10-21