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BLI Provides Diversified Choices for Claiming Labor Insurance Maternity Benefits, Ensuring Speedy and Friendly Services

For a working mother, it would be exhausting to take care of the newborn whilst recovering from the pregnancy. Why should she be bothered with the details for claiming labor insurance maternity benefits? Don’t worry! As part of its efforts to simplify the administrative procedures, improve service quality and promote digitalization, the BLI has been actively streamlining the claim procedures for labor insurance maternity benefits. Diversified application channels are offered for this purpose. The insured persons may choose any of the following channels for the claim.

I. Claiming through the household registration office: An insured person may claim the labor insurance maternity benefits at the same time when she visits the household registration office in person for birth registration of the newborn(s). To file the claim, she merely needs to provide her account information with a local financial institution. If the insured person is unable to visit the household registration office in person, she may issue a power of attorney and entrust an agent to do so.

II. Claiming online with a Citizen Digital Certificate: The insured person may visit the BLI’s website and, using the Citizen Digital Certificate, log onto the “Online Application and Inquiry System for Individuals” to file an online application. It is not necessary for the applicant to mail the birth certificate to the BLI if she has already completed the birth registration for the newborn, or has agreed at the time of application to download the “Birth Registration Information” (including live births and still births) through the “MyData Platform” and transmit such information to the BLI.

III. Entrusting the Insured Unit to File Online Applications: The insured person should submit a “Letter of Consent” to the insured unit to authorize the latter to claim the labor insurance maternity benefits on his/her behalf. The insured unit will logon to the “Online Application and Inquiry System for Insured Units” to file an online application on behalf of the insured person.

IV. Application in Writing: The applicant should complete the “Labor Insurance Maternity Benefit Application Form and Payment Receipt” (She may submit the form without affixing the seal of the insured unit), which should be mailed or delivered in person to the BLI along with the original birth certificate (not required if the applicant has already completed birth registration) and a copy of the insured person’s passbook with a local financial institution.

The BLI reiterated that the applicants  may file their claims through any one of the above channels . Those who have already completed online application are not required to mail the application documents to the BLI. Please do not send duplicate applications, as this may increase the time for reviewing the case.
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Last Update:2022-10-05