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An Insured Person of National Pension Insurance (NPI) Shall Remain Entitled to Claim the Maternity Benefits of NPI If She “Gives Birth to a Baby (Babies) Within One Year after Withdrawal from the Insurance”.

To successfully implement the government policy of promoting childbirth, the Ministry of Health and Welfare issued an interpretation letter on April 15, 2024 on the relaxed regulations of National Pension Insurance (Hereinafter referred to as “NPI”) maternity benefits. If an insured person of the NPI is pregnant during the insurance period and, due to this pregnancy, has a full-term childbirth or premature delivery within one year after her withdrawal from the insurance, she is entitled to, according to the regulations, file a claim to the Bureau of Labor Insurance for maternity benefits of NPI, subject to that she has not received any maternity benefit from other social insurance.

The BLI expresses that, in accordance with the National Pension Act, the maternity benefit of NPI shall be a lumpsum payment equaling two times of the monthly insured amount (currently NTD19,761x 2 = NTD39,522). For twin birth or above, the benefit amount shall be increased in proportion. As at the end of April, 2024, more than 228,000 female insured persons of NPI have received the benefit.

The BLI further explains that, based on these relaxed regulations, the benefit payment shall be made retroactively for five years, starting from the date the interpretation letter is issued. To simplify the administrative procedures, the BLI will proactively reexamine the applications filed against the full-term childbirths or premature deliveries during the period of April 15, 2019 to April 14, 2024. The BLI will distribute written notices on the review results. There is no need to file a new application. It is estimated that three hundred persons will be benefitted therefrom. For those insured persons who are applicable to the relaxed regulations but have not yet filed the claim, the BLI reminds them that the valid claim period for maternity benefits shall be five years. To protect their benefit rights, eligible insured persons are recommended to make use of the diversified application channels including the BLI’s e-service system, the one-stop service system of the Department of Household Registration, Ministry of the Interior, as well as written applications.

To obtain further information about the maternity benefits of NPI, please refer to the “Maternity Benefits of NPI” webpage.
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Last Update:2024-06-25