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Employed Resident Physicians May Enroll in Labor Insurance

Public hospitals/clinics and private hospitals/clinics which are lawfully registered as foundations or juridical associations with five or more employees are subject to compulsory participation in labor insurance and employment insurance. Such hospitals/clinics shall enroll their employees, including resident physicians in the labor insurance and employment insurance according to relevant regulations. Private hospitals/clinics which have been duly registered as juridical persons with less than five employees or those which are not registered as foundations or juridical associations are not subject to compulsory participation of the labor insurance. To safeguard the occupational safety of their employees, however, they may voluntarily enroll their employees, including resident physicians in the labor insurance.

Furthermore, if the aforementioned private hospital/clinic is not subject to compulsory participation in the labor insurance and is not willing to do so on a voluntary basis, the hospital/clinic shall enroll its employees, including resident physicians in the employment insurance if the employees fulfill the requirements set forth in the Employment Insurance Act. Any violation shall be subject to a fine equal to ten times of the premium payable. The employer, in addition, shall be responsible for compensating the loss of its employees caused by the accident.

The Bureau of Labor Insurance (BLI) stressed that private hospitals/clinics which only participated in the employment insurance in the past are encouraged to apply to the BLI for participation as a labor insurance insured unit. This not only provides additional protection to the employees at the time of childbirth, old-age, injury or sickness, medication, disability or death, but also help disperse the risks of the employers when encountering an occupational disaster. To safeguard the rights and interests of all employees under the labor insurance , private hospitals/clinics which have already been registered as an insured unit of the labor insurance shall enroll all their employees in the Labor Insurance . Discretionary enrollment is not allowed.
PreviousBased on the Table of Grades of Labor Insurance Salary, the amount of insurance salary for Level 1 shall be adjusted to NT$23,800, taking effect January 1, 2020. For full-time insured persons originally insured at a monthly salary of NT$23,100, the Bureau of Labor Insurance (BLI) shall proactively adjust the monthly insurance salary to NT$23,800 from the effective date. The Insured Units are not required to file applications for the adjustment NextFarmer occupational injury insurance expands its coverage. Foreign spouses or individuals who have already received old-age benefits under related social insurance programs may apply to enroll on a voluntary basis.
Last Update:2020-02-06